About us

«We facilitate long-term development of our customers' business and enhance their competitiveness in the market by providing a range of services related to supply, preparation and further processing of required materials».

That is precisely the mission of Elme Metall. Therefore we have been launched an online store for your convenience. Now you have an opportunity to select from about 700 items. In addition, we offer services from engineering to fabrication of integrated steel solutions. You can also order processing and metal cutting according to your drawings and, if necessary, painting of metal products. Take advantage of our transportation services and trailers’ rent opportunity.


Why it is well worth shopping with us online?


- We offer products and services for both experts and retail customers

- Our store provides convenient and smart search – all you need is to type the product’s name or criteria into the search bar

- We offer deferment of payments

- You can always get quick advice on emerging issues

- You can place an order and track all your previous purchases online

- We ensure stable quality


Shopping with us is simple, convenient and safe!


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