Practical arrangements

Natural persons:
1. Add product to the shopping cart
2. Select a mode of delivery
3. Confirm the order
4. Pay
5. Wait for a message about readiness of your order for shipment or for customer pickup

Legal person:
1. Open an account with the online store
2. Access your account
3. Add product to the shopping cart
4. Select a mode of delivery 5. Confirm the order
6. Pay for your order or select payment according to invoice *
7. Wait for a message about readiness of your order for shipment or for customer pickup

*payment according to invoice can be selected in case of legal persons without overdraw

In our online store, natural persons can make secure payments with a bank links of Estonian internet banks providing that service (Swedbank, SEB and Luminor).

Legal persons can also select payment according to invoice.

If an extra service for cutting or packaging of products directly at the warehouse is required, you can pay for such services by credit card or in cash directly at the sales office.

Order processing generally takes half an hour from the moment of its placement, however, preparation of delivery may take from 1 to 3 business days, depending on the product specification.
Preparation of delivery in case of orders requiring additional stock movement between warehouses can be extended to a total of 10 business days.

Ordering is possible on a 24-hour basis, daily, however, processing, shipment and delivery can be effected on business days only from 07:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Processing and preparation of orders for delivery usually takes 3 to 5 days from the moment of order confirmation. You can receive products at our warehouse in Maardu or order delivery to the specified destination. More information on product receipt can be obtained from the “Product receipt” page.

The main warehouse of the shop.elmemetall.lt online store is located in Vilnius. Warehous of our affiliate is located in Šiauliai. If a product is available in stock of the affiliate, you can pick up your order there.

You can pick up a product after receiving an e-mail and / or SMS message about the readiness of order for shipment.

To enter a warehouse territory a pass is not required. However, at the entrance you should inform security service about other products, tools and equipment in your vehicle.

You should be in possession of ID card, driver’s license or other identity certificate. The dispatcher requires the number of your order, so you should have the order confirmation with you in electronic device or in hard copy.

Dispatcher is the first contact person to consult. He/she will indicate the shipment location of your order. Dispatcher can be found next to the parking P1, indicated on the traffic plan of the warehouse territory.

When loading is completed, you should approach the customer service operator to prepare a consignment note and pass to exit the warehouse territory. After receiving these documents, you can leave the warehouse territory

Operator, preparing transport documents, can be found next to the parking P2, indicated on the traffic plan of the warehouse territory.



We provide cutting service with a band saw or gas. Cutting service is chargeable. If you order was already documented and paid, you should place an additional order for the corresponding service.

The cost depends on complexity and number of operations, as well as on the product itself (corner, beam, channel, tube). The average price of one cut can vary from 3 to 30 euros. If you need a cutting service, contact the Customer Service before placing an order.

A queue is often formed for the cutting service, however, all orders are completed within 1 business day, and most of them are completed within 3 hours.

We offer the service of shot-blasting and coating of rolled metal products with holding primer on automated lines.

The cost of priming/ blasting depends on the volume of material and type of rolled metal products. The average cost per square meter varies from 2.40 to 5.60 euros. Our consultants provide you the information about the price of particular order.

The average time is 1-3 days (depending on the type of product and its size).

Such service can be provided, please contact our consultants. In this case, upon entering the territory with your own material, you should definitely inform the security service representative about this matter.

The safety standard-forms of working environment do not permit to work persons whose competence is not documented.



Preparation for delivery and loading are included in the price of the order.

Most orders are loaded with overhead travelling cranes, when loading is done through the top. We also have an option of using forklifts and telescopic handlers for side loading.

We can ship all over Lithuania. Our truck fleet enables to perform delivery of up to 15 meters long products.

Standard orders placed at shop.elmemetall.lt are delivered only in Lithuania. Contact the Customer Service if you need delivery to the Baltic countries or Scandinavia and we will certainly find solution suitable for you.

The price of this service within Vilnius is 35 euros per hour. Outside Vilnius , a tariff of 1.5 euros per kilometre is applied, and calculated based on a round trip distance.

Yes. You can choose any delivery day suitable for you (except weekends and holidays).

Yes. We can offer unloading with manipulator or truck-mounted crane. For more information, go to the "Delivery" page or contact the Customer Service consultants.

The fixed fee for unloading (up to 20 tons) is 50 euros per truck.


General issues

We have both ground and inside storages. Various types of rolled metal products are stored according to certain requirements to ensure necessary quality of the product.

We offer package enabling to load and to ship the rolled metal products safely. Special package is available upon request.

If the product is out of stock, you can send us a request by e-mail sales@elmemetall.lt or fill in a form at the online store. Customer Service consultants will contact you and offer a suitable solution.

Yes, of course. Send us a request by e-mail sales@elmemetall.lt or fill in a form at the online store. Our consultant will answer you within 1-5 business days (the response time depends on the specifics of the product)

S235 grade is a structural steel of ordinary quality. S355 grade is a structural steel with an increased level of strength and high load resistance.

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